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Random catchup for March 27, 2006

I'm stoked because I have items I'd like to write about; I have 33 links on my desktop waiting to be written about. However, they're mostly meant for my main blog, All Narfed Up. So, onto the randomness, right?

  • It was tough last week because I was sick, but also because our division leader couldn't get official permission to use a field at Rio Hondo School. We didn't have a good practice because we weren't using our sized field. Today, we just decided to use the field at Rio Hondo School. The principal wouldn't call back, the secretary didn't seem to pass the message and/or phone number, and the fields didn't seem to be occupied when we needed to use them.
  • I thought Saturday was going to be a bad day, due to the workload stemming from the "I Kare For Youth" dinner. Fortunately, we had great help cleaning up afterwards so setting up all the chairs for church was a cinch.
  • It's great when you and a group of friends work together to try and overcome a problem. In this case, I'm talking about our band, the garage, and lack of insulation. Sunday, we basically finished the door. It was awesome to work on it together, and then eat pizza and buffalo wings for dinner. (Thanks for picking that stuff up for us, Dave.) We'll see how that all helps next week.

About that last item, I was sort of annoyed of the discussions that took place after we finished eating. Basically, it sounded like there were arguments flying around, because people were getting cut off or not allowed to get a word in. I'm all up for a good hearty discussion, but if you're not listening more than talking, you're going to waste everyone else's time

Don't misconstrue my opinion with grumpiness, because for the most part, I'll only want to talk if I can help empower someone and improve their life.

With the guys in our band, we each have our strengths. I guess I contribute logical thinking, huh?

Amazing college basketball!

I had to write about the closest basketball I’ve seen on television. The Gonzaga/UCLA game tonight was incredible! I was going to lose it if UCLA lost, because the refs blew at least two calls that cost them points. However, the Bruins fought and won in the end. (My mom, who barely came home nearing the last 5 minutes of the game, called it luck. I quickly silenced her so I could savor the victory.)

Also, only showing the last minute of the West Virginia/Texas game, I saw Pittsnogle drill a 3-pointer to tie the game, only to see Paulino drive back down the court to do the exact same thing to win it.


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Sick again

There's a few things I'm sick from right now:

  • An annoying neighbor by James' garage, who's claiming to hear us loud and clear on Sunday afternoons – when her house is insulated!
  • A virus. I have a cold.

I'm glad that the band is going to battle through this. We're trying to figure out ways to insulate the garage anyway, especially since we had the police called on us once, and that neighbor complained to us twice.

More randomness

Things were fairly busy last week. Basketball playoffs and championships came and gone. With all the teams I coached, I was 1 for 3 in championship victories.

No Future Cafe is a pretty cool place to hang out on Friday nights, as long as the music is good.

It was good to go out to eat with Pete, his mom, Andy's mom, and some of their friends. CPK is really tasty.

And finally, since I'm home sick, today has been a Ben Affleck movie day. (I joked with my mom about it.) We watched Paycheck before she left for work, and I've been watching Armageddon since she left.

*blows nose*

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That’s a dog?

Mostly a chill weekend

I slept in Friday. I should've done homework, clean, something – but I didn't. I'm happy to say the afternoon and evening went through smoothly. I'm fairly pleased with how my teams have been doing, despite maybe some games that shouldn't have been that bad. I hoped I wasn't overloading them because it was the practice before our playoff games.

After church setup, we went to Ichima Japanese Cuisine. I set the whole thing up basically with Skobee, and for the most part, it all worked out. However, I had a somewhat last minute time change, because church setup was moved to Friday instead of Saturday. I wasn't able to update the time, but I should've called someone to do it for me. (Andy commented to me later that evening that that was the only downside – last minute changes.)

I didn't foresee that I'd be out after dinner, but half of us ended up meeting Bill and Doc at No Future Cafe a couple miles from Ichima. Bill knows the drummer from a band that played there, Stratageme, and we got there just in time to see them. I liked them. :)

Saturday was a rain out. I say that because at Kare, our activities are basically outdoor sports. It wasn't exactly raining, but there was so much moisture it wouldn't have dried enough for everyone to play outside safely. That opened up my day, so in the morning, I upgraded All Narfed Up to WordPress 2.0.2. In the afternoon, we had band practice and a late lunch/early supper.

So at this moment, it's 1:33am. I'm still up because I drank some Starbucks before going to Javy's (and Gabe's). I'll try to go to sleep. Today brings church, laundry, getting some homework done, and hopefully another band practice at 4pm.

A semi-lackluster day

I woke up later than I was supposed to, and I couldn’t help but setup Skobee before heading to work. I want some sushi tomorrow night after coaching, so I invited a bunch of friends using Skobee. As of now, 4 others want to go, and one can’t (because of a paper due). They like it, but I’m not sure they’ll think of it first when planning something. I can wish, right?

Anyway, work is quiet at the moment. No huge crises, so I brought some things from home. That was nice (and right now, I’m typing on a much cooler laptop).

I physically felt weird right before it was time to head back for coaching. It was a weird light dizziness. I was basically napping 15 minutes before my commute back. After boys, I felt okay again. I was a bit freaked out, but I’ll be okay.

I was finally able to close an open loop – I delivered a completed custom-built PC to a customer. They fed me dinner, too, so that was cool.

Finally, I’m starting up my EyeQ program again to increase my reading speed. Starting at Session 1, the reading test clocked me at about 600 wpm. That’s pretty impressive, considering I haven’t done any of the sessions since late 2004. I’d love to incorporate some of these efficient practices into school right now. Yes, I did pay for the program. I think they helped me out by giving me a discount because I’m a student. I definitely think it’s worth it, if you can stick to it. 7 minutes every other day isn’t too much, right? You should check it out and test yourself!

Well, it’s sleepy mountain time. (Inside joke.)

Loose Change 2nd Edition – a 9/11 documentary

Jordan wrote about this, and triggered that I should do it as well.

I saw “Loose Change – 2nd Edition” last Saturday and was pretty freaked out with the information it provided. Me, Andy, and Jordan were all into it, but Arthur was close minded, wanting to hear the other side. Shouldn’t we have heard it already? It’s been over 4 years!

See Loose Change – 2nd Edition (at Google Video)

Despite my skepticism, I’m not sure what to believe anymore. I talked to a former a Marine, and he said he saw Fahrenheit 9/11. To him, it looked like Michael Moore took just the clips that made it look one-sided. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t compare, but have any of you seen both? I’d love to hear any insight on why the attacks didn’t originate from our U.S. goverment.

Beyond that, I’m freaked out, but I said that already. Pass it on.

All chicken scratch by Bryan Villarin.

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