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Back to school

I’m only taking one class (Logic, Philosophy 30) this semester, because it should be the only one I need to take before I can transfer [back] to Cal Poly Pomona. I did enroll into it last time, but kind of dropped because I couldn’t stick with it.

Russell Errett is a laid back professor, and he’s really open and approachable. He has an extremely good memory, too! Right when I told him my name, he remembered that I had a friend who started to come to the class then disappeared, and that I did the same. Amazing! (He was cool about it.)

The final should be easy, because I just have to find 20 fallacies (and identify them correctly) by the end of the semester – and I can start now. As for the rest of the material, I’ll have to apply some GTD skills to stay on top of things. I’m feeling positive about it right now, but then again, it is only the first week. :)

Another weekend went by

Man, tempus fugit when you keep busy! Another Saturday flew by with coaching, some concession work, and an awesome RHP Varsity Girls basketball game to top it off. (We went out to Chili’s afterwards, but I won’t count that as the highlight.) What amazed me about the game is the amount of energy we were able to bring to that gymnasium. Kurt uploaded some pictures, but his mom didn’t capture the other crowd. I think they had half our size. We’re like a cult, supporting our teams, that’s for sure. I love it. :)

After church, we went out to B.J.’s to celebrate Mrs. Ross’ birthday that was on Friday. We were there for a long time, too, over two hours! Man, that Pizookie is good! I didn’t get a chance to take any nap, because I immediately went to band practice.

We went through a whole “set”, and I think we could play for 45 minutes now. (We’re ready to play somewhere?) Bill is feeling better, so he whipped up some bass tabs for Dan, who’s starting to get comfortable with the music. I hope. What else is new with us? I’m getting a little comfortable with my “new” amp. I suppose some effects aren’t bad; Bill is definitely comfortable with his new setup.

Bill (and his parents) let us stay for dinner afterwards. Sloppy Joes and potatoes, so good! Bill was trying to teach me how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, but I can only take in so much. He left to take Doc home, so I went to hang out with Jordan (and whoever else was there). After a couple hours of TV, and falling asleep, I stumbled home.

So, here I am, starting to fall asleep. My [one] class finally starts up tomorrow evening, so I’m going to see if I can do some more cleaning at home before then. (Sure, laugh, but I have to make sure I pass my one class!)

Edit: Will Torrico uploaded a picture that best showed our whole crowd at Saturday’s game. I must’ve missed it.

Flickr photo

One step towards cleanliness

Yesterday, we moved a bunch of boxes to our Public Storage space. My mom was really happy because we accomplished something that day. Granted, there’s still a long way to go, but she understands that.

At one point, looking at the huge pile in the living room, she started to say, “I still have to sort through all this before I pack…” and I interrupted, saying, “No, pack now, put it away, then sort. Let’s clear it up first.” If we’re thinking GTD-style, she’s trying to process before the collection part. What’s our Inbox in this whole mess? Public Storage. In my mind, here are the steps we should be taking:

  • Collect all our extraneous stuff in our living space and move it to our “Inbox” (which is Public Storage)
  • Process the stuff in our “Inbox”
  • Organize the items we have, deciding whether throw, donate, or keep for later
  • Git ‘er dun!
  • Empty out our Public Storage space or move to a smaller one (if we really need it)

In the end, our goal is to have only our most necessary items with us. Right now, our stuff owns us, and that’s…lame.

I did take pictures – but I’m keeping them private. I’ll probably show ’em to the world when we’re all through with this. For now, they’ll be to keep us motivated and to show us that we really are making progress.

Late night karaoke?

Um, my mom just left to a friend’s house for late night karaoke. Lies? Who knows. She’s pretty nuts. She better be back in the morning, though – I can’t pack boxes with stuff I have no idea about. Yikes.

Bombarding myself with GTD

I’ve been constantly immersing myself with GTD this week. Today and on Tuesday, I listened to a few GTD-related podcasts:

On Wednesday, I went through a lot of stuff around my desk. I cleaned, threw things away, processed part of my inbox, labeled and filed folders away – it was great! Despite all I was able to do that morning, I still have so many things left. I wish I had some extra drawers I can store stuff away. I have so many CDs, CD spindles, cables – it’s ridiculous!

In The Personal Productivity Show #021, one tip mentioned was to put all the stuff in that junk drawer and put it into a box. For me, I’ll probably take it a step further and inventory its contents before I put it into storage. That way, in addition to clearing up that space, I can keep that inventory page filed away and refer to it if I need something from that box.

At this point in time of my life, I’m crazing simplicity. I should only have stuff I absolutely need. Since I’ve been here in our apartment, I’ve been hating the times when I’m turning everything upside down because I can’t find one small thing.

Tomorrow will finally be a step towards this goal.

Andy rocks

Andy, blogger extraordinaire

I looked at my dashboard, and saw that Andy hit #3 in the fastest growing blogs. Whoa. Congratulations, Andy! I’m speechless. Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen his blog yet, check out Jesus Take The Wheel. I think he changes the title of his blog at a whim, so watch out for that. ;)

Update 2:04pm 2/23/06: Doh, he’s off that list. It was pretty neat that he was on there in the first place, right? Right.

A flurry of restaurants

Friday night, we went to Kabuki. I love sushi, but I don’t know why I continue to go to there. The wait was about 40 minutes, and unfortunately for us, there was always someone smoking outside. (Secondhand smoke, gross.) The food was pretty good, as usual. The guys had a wasabi contest, where they’d all play Rock-Paper-Scissors and the loser would have to eat the one sushi piece topped with an unusually large amount of wasabi. (Like a wuss, I opted out.)

The trouble started when we got our bill. The waitress, Jenny, didn’t really know english very well. We had about 3 credit/debit cards we wanted to use, in addition to some cash, and she was trying to split the bill up into three. (No, we didn’t know why she was doing that.) In the end, we just gave in and used the bills she gave us. I had to pay five bucks extra, because I had a bunch of stuff on my receipt. But, Jordan just gave me $5 cash to compensate it.

Saturday morning was a workday, preparing for baseball. Usually after grueling work, we go to either The Hat or The Boat. (Mmm, good.) That night, after our RHP Varsity girls slaughtered Bethel Baptist, we went to the Alcatraz Brewing Co. at The Block at Orange. So-so service, lame food for too much money. I didn’t know Pico de Gallo equates salsa – it was basically just diced tomatoes. Pete ordered a steak entreé, but didn’t get much at all. He was ticked.

Sunday after church, Island’s. Good times, good food, good service.

Monday morning, Denny’s with my mom. Nice time with her, as usual, until we got to Denny’s. The person seating people got my name down, then kept plugging down the list of names. Since today was a holiday, there were a lot of people. People that came in after us got sat down before we did, so after 30 minutes, I complained. Her answer?

“I was calling your name, but you didn’t answer.”

Whoa, so neither me nor my mom heard you 10 feet away? What were you doing? Whispering for us? My mom was super ticked. To top it off, the eggs in our order that should come with country potatoes, couldn’t because they were “out”. Hmm, what are hash browns made of? And, they had no honey either. It was brutal. Then again, Andy would say something along the lines, “There’s people starving in Africa.” I know, I know.

So, it’s been a glutonous weekend, huh? I’m not pleased at myself, but it was all in the name of chillin with friends. Good times.

Note: There’s more to my weekend than food – I just didn’t cover it in this post. :)

All chicken scratch by Bryan Villarin.

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