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Worth the 32 miles (334/366)

Getting it right

Sofia (313/366)

Overcome your fear

So tumble and yell


Signs of fall (289/366)

Patience (219/366)

Here come the clouds

It'll be awhile before I return

Zorro (261/366)

Your patience astounds me

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  • Apple Music and Last.fm scrobbling update October 4, 2016
    Last November, I wrote: Switching from Rdio to Apple Music might mean scrobbling to my Last.fm account will be inconsistent, which makes me sad because I’ve been tracking since 2007. Since then, I add songs, albums, or playlists in Apple Music to my library before I start listening. With iTunes and Last.fm Scrobbler 2.1.371, … Continue reading Appl […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • I want the juice! September 6, 2016
    I walked by Monica, who spent about two minutes trying to lick a few leftover lumps of wet food from a tiny container. It was practically empty after being served a few hours ago. 😸Filed under: Photos Tagged: cats, funny, Monica
    Bryan Villarin
  • Topping off my coffee April 14, 2016
    The following is a stale idea for a post I jotted down in a few moments of silent rage a few years ago. It sounds like nitpicking, but I’m curious to see if anyone feels the same way. I attempt to shoehorn a customer service takeaway at the end. When I have coffee that isn’t … Continue reading Topping off my coffee
    Bryan Villarin
  • DuckDuckHack Instant Answers April 14, 2016
    At the moment, DuckDuckHack has 687 live Instant Answers. DateMath and DaysBetween are slick (and will save me trips to Time And Date). Here are examples of DateMath and DaysBetween, respectively: today plus 30 days days between today 2016-10-14 I also noted TimezoneConverter, Timer (e.g. timer 5m), Stopwatch, Random Choice, Random Number, News, and Rhymes. […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • Legacy Skype accounts and Two Step Verification April 13, 2016
    When Microsoft bought Skype, then added two-step verification to Microsoft accounts, I promptly enabled it. But wait. My original Skype login still works—without prompting for two-step verification. 😐 I just found the following reply (dated 2014-10-11) from a Skype Community forum thread: You can union your Skype account from your Microsoft account but that […]
    Bryan Villarin

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