I’m not writing here anymore. You can find my photos and writings at All Narfed Up and Bryan Villarin Photography.

Worth the 32 miles (334/366)

Getting it right

Sofia (313/366)

Overcome your fear

So tumble and yell


Signs of fall (289/366)

Patience (219/366)

Here come the clouds

It'll be awhile before I return

Zorro (261/366)

Your patience astounds me

All chicken scratch by Bryan Villarin.

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  • Alfred 2.7.2, snippets, and Quick Entry for Things September 1, 2015
    When using Alfred’s clipboard and snippet viewer with the Quick Entry window for Things, the item would paste into the previously active window, not the Quick Entry window. I use Alfred snippets1 or several items of text in clipboard history when entering new to-dos into Things, and have been annoyed for awhile because I couldn’t do the same with the Quick E […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • Battle To-Do Debt August 29, 2015
    My colleague, Alex Gustafson, recently wrote about To-Do Debt, and I’d like to dissect his post. :) Reminder: I try to practice the methods described in “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen. I’m one of those people that uses a full to-do list as motivation to keep the day moving. … Continue reading Battle To-Do Debt […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • Francis likes blankets August 22, 2015
    Filed under: Photos Tagged: blanket, cats, cute, Francis, sleep
    Bryan Villarin
  • Things: Project templates! August 22, 2015
    Cultured Code released Things Cloud “Nimbus” a couple of days ago. I found myself skimming their Twitter feed and saw: @SergeyIRL On the Mac, select the project (click Projects, then select from the right), and click CMD+D to duplicate. Edit as needed :) — Cultured Code (@culturedcode) August 10, 2015 Mac: While viewing the Projects focus (⌘+5) … Continue re […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • Mint Cookie Crunch June 29, 2015
    Dreyer’s Slow Churned Ice Cream. Tasty, late night snack.Filed under: Photos Tagged: Dreyer's, Food, ice cream
    Bryan Villarin

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