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Worth the 32 miles (334/366)

Getting it right

Sofia (313/366)

Overcome your fear

So tumble and yell


Signs of fall (289/366)

Patience (219/366)

Here come the clouds

It'll be awhile before I return

Zorro (261/366)

Your patience astounds me

All chicken scratch by Bryan Villarin.

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  • Ramming speed May 22, 2014
    Our tabby cat, Monica, was trying to get into the bedroom through a door that was slightly open. (Thick carpet, so it’s difficult to move the door.) She kept pushing her head through the door opening. Arms flailing. Pondering. Finally, she shoved her way through like a battering ram. It was like watching a butterfly […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • PayPal, I’d like to use my password manager May 22, 2014
    After news broke of the eBay security breach, I updated my account passwords for eBay and PayPal1. With my trusty password manager, KeePassX, I cloned my current PayPal entry in preparation to generate a new password. To my horror, I saw the following password requirement pop–up: I’d like to use much more than 20 characters, […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • What goes with chills? May 1, 2014
    Our usual desired indoor temperature is too cold for me, and the pain in my left foot has intensified once again. Or, the Ibuprofen wore off. Early tomorrow morning, three movers will arrive in a truck to transport our heavy furniture from Sierra Madre to Temple City. We’re bringing the rest ourselves over the next […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • The gimp I am April 30, 2014
    My left foot has been hurting a lot the past few days, so I’m finally going to the doctor tomorrow. I have no idea what causes the pulsating pain. Inflammation of tendons or ligaments? (I can barely put weight on it, and I can’t point my foot toward my knee like the other one.)Filed under: […]
    Bryan Villarin
  • Another chance, Asus RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit Router April 29, 2014
    For a little over two years, I’ve been using an Apple Airport Express because my Asus RT-N16 needed to be replaced. After I got the replacement, I never opened the box — until today. Charter Communications sent a contractor this morning to our new place in Temple City to setup our internet connection (which went […]
    Bryan Villarin

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